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Who is selena gomez dating november 2016

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On Friday Bertinelli, 57, weighed in on the haters that judge the girlfriend of The Weeknd.

Intoxicating, all-consuming and 10 or 15 years later... Because, as far as other people are concerned, was your big relationship, the one after which everything you do will be portrayed as part of the aftermath of that breakup.

Gomez has proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman.

She successfully transitioned from Disney princess, snagged chart-topping hits as a pop singer, and is the executive producer of Netflix’s new series, .

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"They came out and they looked so happy," the eyewitness added.

She looked amazing and so incredibly happy and in love." The eyewitness also ET that it looked like the duo were the last to leave.

Separate cars arrived for them, but they both hopped into The Weeknd's car and headed to Gomez's home.

And when the stunning shots of the 25-year-old were uploaded to the photo-sharing app, her singer boyfriend The Weeknd was one of the first to hit the 'like' button, showing his clear approval of her bombshell look...Global A-listers have been ambassadors for the hair-care brand, Pantene, in the past.

And with lusciously long and thick locks to rival Selena Gomez, Sydney stunner Melissa Hurwitz is their newest Aussie star.