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Sailormoon senshi dating game

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won’t be a “season” at all, but instead two theatrical films.And, surprise surprise, there’s no official word yet on a release date or international release.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S ~Various Emotion~ (美少女戦士セーラームーンスーパーズ Various Emotion) is a Fighting 2D game, developed by Angel / Visual Science Laboratory, Inc.and published by Angel, which was released in Japan in 1996 for the Sega Saturn. Great looking covers, colorful CD, well known licence, so you are waiting for a good game. After watching the great intro video, you can begin to play. Not a good, nor an average one, it is a really bad fighting game.This game has many characters from the Sailor Moon franchise, including Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Chibi Moon. Shuyaku Soudatsusen (Japan) is a game that was developed by Angel and licensed by Nintendo.You have the option of playing Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S - Jougai Rantou! Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series based on the beloved characters of Sailor Moon to include the Outer Senshi in their latest Petit Chara!Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Christmas Special release!

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So buy this game only if you are a fan of the Sailormoon licence.(The description below courtesy of Moby Games via a CC license.) The game is based on the animé series of the same name.The heroine of the series is Tsukino Usagi, a schoolgirl who possesses unique powers as Sailor Moon, one of the fighters for the futuristic Moon Kingdom. Come dress up Sailor Moon and her friends in our fun dress up games. That's why at Cartoon Doll Emporium, we have the best Sailor Moon games!Pre-orders opened on July 28 on Mega Trea Shop and other sites, and they’ll be released this November.