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I googled my phone number tonight, and found that it used to belong to a prostitute.

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I felt that my desire to drink were coming from below my conscious awareness – because they were emotional – yet my conscious desire was to not drink. It was as if my desire to drink had been surgically removed from my brain and I had no desire whatsoever to drink.

I felt that if I could re-program my unconscious mind to where it was before I ever drank, I would be able to let go of alcohol painlessly. That was almost 3 years ago – and I still feel the same!

[Annie] As mentioned above it was more of an epiphany moment than anything.

I did not put limits on myself during my period of research into alcohol.

We’d been chatting almost every day for a couple of hours for more than a month now, when one day the conversation drifted towards a kinky side. I was and I was equally enjoying the conversation as well!

I entered one of those adult chat rooms and gave my details - 21 (which was a lie), Female, India. Out of the many many who pinged me, this one guy, with the handle @kingofthering, and I kept chatting way after we’d quit the group chat. We’d spoken about life, about boyfriends, about career and even flirted a little occasionally.I was quite surprised at myself and, at one point, I did re-think my decision to chat with an almost-stranger.But I think the mood was just right and I somewhat trusted him.Light-diffusing spheres instantly help make flaws seem to disappear.Over time, pores appear smaller and skin looks noticeably firmer and more radiant.Instantly blur imperfections and even out skin tone—for beautiful skin that looks effortlessly perfected.