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Note: SMS is often referred to as texting, sending text messages or text messaging.

It's pronounced as For starters, SMS messages require a cell phone service, which can be really annoying when you don't have it.

Even if you have a full Wi-Fi connection at home, school, or work, but no cell service, you can't send a regular text message.

Just one camera, in the room catching people in the act!

As technology continues to advance, The Indians are getting even sneakier with the hidden cameras they invent and the undercover footage they capture.

Hidden Cam Sex Tape Of Dehradun Teens Fucking Nude Scandal.

(This number was tripled from 2007, which saw just 1.8 trillion.) By 2017, millennials Some mobile carriers even support sending SMS messages to landline phones, but that uses another service between the two so that the text can be converted to voice in order to be spoken over the phone.

SMS began with support just for GSM phones before later supporting other mobile technologies like CDMA and Digital AMPS.