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You can join on your own as well, but you need to provide details (such as name and email address, both confidential, of course) for a friend who would then write a recommendation for you.

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It is also worth noting that any names of Asian individuals who were listed on these ecclesiastical files were kept as they appeared in the original record and not anglicised.

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Before I get to GDXJ I’d like to show an updated bear analog chart for gold mining stocks. Three times the 1996-2000 bear became this oversold.

The recent upward trend in mortgage credit availability didn’t let up in December, according to the latest report from the Mortgage Bankers Association.

The newest Mortgage Credit Availability Index shows a 0.6% increase to 175.2 in December, marking the fourth consecutive month of credit loosening.

As 2015 begins I’d like to briefly follow up on my most recent article in which I discussed the oversold condition in the miners.

Breadth indicators as well as technical indicators (such as distance from the 200-day moving average) showed the miners reaching an extreme oversold condition in November and nearly again only a few weeks ago.