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Let's pretend I call you up and ask you to come over right away.I've been digging in my backyard, I say, and I found something that is going to rewrite the timeline of human history as we know it. Nobody has ever figured out what made him think the (highly stylized and thus unrealistic) depiction of the fish screamed "extinct" to him. Undaunted, Cabrera claimed to have found caves in the area with loads more engraved stones -- 100,000, even.

There is a "very revealing interview with a Basilio Uchuya and his wife, Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, two peasants from Callango, published some years ago by Mundial magazine (Anonymous 1975).All in all, the claims of the farmer and Cabrera (who died in 2001) just don't pass the scientific evidence test.So alas, the Ica stones, far more likely a product of an elaborate hoax (with a bit of pre-Columbian authenticity thrown in for good measure), will probably never be given a label of legitimacy by any scientific or academic authority.When you get to my place, I show you some old-looking pots -- still covered in dirt -- that have stylized pictures on them. Javier Cabrera Darquea, you would choose the latter. But he never got around to telling people where that cave was so that dating could be completed on the stones. Humans hanging out with dinosaurs [source: Fitzpatrick-Matthews]!One has art that depicts ancient-seeming people performing open-heart surgery. Is your reaction (A) "Why did you spend so much time creating such a dumb joke? Human civilization was far more advanced than I previously understood, and also they lived in harmony with the dinosaurs. He did have pretty much that reaction when a Peruvian farmer gave him a stone tablet, one of the first to be dubbed an Ica stone. And again, the stones were carved with images from modern times: surgery! Now, note that the farmer who gave Cabrera the original stone did admit to carving some of them.He opened the Museo de Piedras Grabadas (Engraved Stones Museum) in Ica, Peru which house his collection.