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Dating paying the bill

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When asked who should pick up the check on a first date, 59% of total respondents said that the man should always pay–unless the woman has asked him out.

This opinion got more popular with age: While 50% of respondents who fell in Generation Z (ages 18-23) agreed, 71% of the Lost Generation (ages 67-82) felt the same way.

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It stayed on the table a while with no action from him.Honestly, are there women out there who will go out with a guy just for the free drinks? But if a guy really expects that he can spend money on a woman and she'll keep going out with him, or that he ‘deserves’ something from her, that's f'ed up," says Diana, 36.You just don't show up to a date expecting a free meal; you just don't."I think it shouldn't be assumed that he is going to pay. The answer is simple–your first date sets the tone for your relationship.However, avoid flaunting your Wonder Woman charm on the first date. Just know that we met online, met up in Vegas while he was on a family trip and hit it off immediately.The only thing more sensitive than a money question is an etiquette question about money. ) money question in mind: Who should pay for dinner on a date?