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\n Maybe she was being coy or maybe she prides herself on having a partner who is hot as all hell.

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You might be wondering which site is best for you, and if you should bother paying for a membership or not.To help answer that question, keep the following in mind: Free sites are geared toward casual daters, while paid sites tend to be for people looking for a serious relationship. S., the average round trip commute to and from work is 50 minutes a day.That’s almost an hour that can you can spend however you like (as long as you’re in a car).Untethered from the wheel, they place passengers in anything from reclining armchairs with big screen TVs, to rotating chairs that allow you to sit in a round table, to full-out office setups that allow full-out work on the go. That means more sunlight for you, and a better view for the rest of the world who is, no doubt, judging if you’re really working or just slacking in the mobile command center of your business. Their concept–which is a whole lot like the back of my family’s conversion van circa 1986–rotates the front seats to face the back of the car.And they each tease an impending battle: When your commute becomes free time, will the car industry hand that time back to you–to create a more relaxing, more social way to travel–or will it hand that time to your boss–to extend the work day even longer in the never-ending quest for productivity? In between everyone sits a cafe table, suitable for drinks, cards, or laptops.

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You may even find that online dating isn’t right for you – if that’s the case, all the better to find out without investing much into the process.

In the past year, we’ve seen concepts from Swedish car designer Rinspeed, Mercedes, and Ideo. Ideo, meanwhile, takes your free time to the opposite extreme (no doubt, it’s a very intentional provocation on Ideo’s part).

They’re each superb, if speculative, pieces of futurism from the companies that will be quite literally shaping the future of cars. They more or less lock you in a moving office with a work-casual tablet and chairs that probably cost more than your next paycheck. And to add a bit of salt to the wound, that box is clear.

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